Snowly evolution

Here is how Snowly birth!

We would like to made a cute Christmas ornament, so we created a cute owl from felt.
The first Snowly was white and grey and not perfect, but cute. We had a problem with the colors.


We checked a lot of store in Hungary for the perfect color, but we didn’t find anything.
Our search continoued on internet and finally we found the perfect materials.
After 1 month waiting it’s arrived and the 2nd generation Snowly had been created.



We loved it!
And we have a bunch of handmade Snowly at home.
If you need one you could check our Etsy store.
(The Snowly ornament is not a mass production item, every piece of it made by hands.)


And of course the evolution is continued so we created the Snowly & Friends iMessage Sticker pack.



Check the whole stickerpack and send a Snowly to your friends!